Don’t you love a relaxing long weekend?

How wonderful to have an extra day over the weekend to relax!  We decided we would do a little rearranging in the “fun shop” section of our store.  About halfway through, we realised that we were going to run out of space.  OK then.  Why don’t we “flip” the layout?  So, down it all came again, and we completely rearranged the whole middle section of the store.  It took the best part of the three day weekend to get it all into some sort of presentable state!  There are still a few bits and pieces to tidy up, but as you can see, it looks really nice.


Fun Shop has a brand new home!
How neat and tidy does it look?



Brand new matting section


But wait!!!  Why is there some empty floor space?  You’ll just have to wait and see!   We have an exciting idea in mind for that area!!


Watch this space!
….. Ooooh! What is coming here??????


So, that was our long weekend.  We certainly didn’t relax, but it was very productive.

How did you spend your break?



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