The times, they are a’changing ..

We at Rubber and Plastics have been at our current location for the whole of our lives.  Seriously!  When the business first started around 70 years ago, it was at this very location.  We sold all manner of things rubber and plastic, even originally including car tyres!!!

Now, we feel that we have matured, grown, expanded and entered a new era.  One that can only allow us to go forward if we start afresh.

So, we’re moving!  We have found an exciting new premises to operate from, and it’s just around the corner, so you don’t have to travel too far!

We have been busy organising the interior of our new store to allow us to have separate departments for our lines, and we have been having some fun choosing colours of our new signage!!

So, in the next couple of weeks Mt. Gambier Rubber & Plastics will be closing the doors on Commercial Street forever ………… and then reopening at 1a Compton Street!!!  How exciting!  We will post pics as soon as we can of our new shop so you will know what to look for!  Having said that, with the colour scheme we have chosen, you won’t have to look too hard!!

Looking forward to providing our good old fashioned personal service to you all, whilst offering new and exciting up to date merchandise 🙂  We will still be carrying our trademark foam, mattresses, overlays, fancy dress items, BATA rubber boots, genuine Australian sheepskin UGG boots and moccasins, hoses, flooring solutions rubber strips etc., but we are always on the lookout for other quirky, fun, useful items that ensure we remain Mt. Gambier’s “most unusual store”.

Oh, and we will also be on the NBN and have a cordless EFTPOS machine!  It’s the little things that put a smile on our faces 🙂

If you have any questions, give us a call.  Or better still – come and see us!

1a Compton Street front.jpg
Shiny and new!

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