A glimpse into the mind of a female

I decided that the front pillars of our new shop needed painting.  I enjoy painting. Should be easy.  Having the pillars in the same bright blue as our new signage will tie it all together, and it will frame the front door nicely.  So, I bought the brushes and the paint I needed and set to preparing for the job.

Did I say I enjoy painting?  Well, I used to.  This job became more of a difficult task than I originally thought.  I thought I’d planned it all out carefully and painting would be the enjoyable pastime it usually is.  Wrong.  I hadn’t taken into account the fact that I would have to climb 3 rungs up a high ladder balanced on an uneven footpath, with a downpipe in the way.  I hadn’t taken into account the uneven stucco base I had to cover in paint.  I hadn’t taken into account the west facing window and the full sun blaring down on me, drying off the paint before I was finished! Still, I persevered with it and now, the job is done.  I think it looks quite good, but I’m glad I don’t have to do another coat! 

Whilst working on this job, I found my mind wandering.  As it tends to do, frequently!  I likened the whole procedure to raising children.  How, you may ask?  Well, like this –

You decide that you need something in your life.  So, you make the preparations you think you need to make and get set up.  You don’t count on the job having rough, patchy bits that require a lot more TLC.  You don’t count on the job having areas that need to be repeated over and over, just to get the final outcome you desire.  You don’t count on the job taking a lot more time and energy than you plan for, and that you may not have time to sit and drink that coffee just when you want to.

Of course, you also don’t count on the passers by who all seem to have an opinion to offer.  “Big job”  “you should have got someone else to do that for you”  “you aren’t using the correct tools”.  You don’t count on the passers by who simply laugh as they walk by.  You also don’t count on those passers by who have their own tales to tell.  It’s nice when you get the ones who reassure you that you are doing a great job and it will be worth it in the end.

Yes, painting is a labour of love.  Just like raising children.  It requires planning, dedication, patience, resilience and above all, the knowledge that now you’ve started, you need to continue until it’s done!  Once it’s done however, you can take a step back and marvel at the fantastic job you’ve achieved.  People will admire your handywork and you will feel a sense of pride.

Just like raising children.


The finished product


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