It’s Time!

Time to get your Christmas on!

Mt Gambier held it’s annual Christmas pageant yesterday, and there was such joy and excitement on the young ones’ faces as they chalked on the roadway waiting for the event to begin.  As the floats and displays went past, everyone was just smiling and enjoying themselves.  The weather was glorious, there was colour, music, dancing ….. oh, it was wonderful!

However, we should remember that there are those among us who are doing it tough at the moment.  So, if you are able, please consider placing a gift underneath one of the various wishing trees.  Give what you can, because even if you think it’s a small gift, to others it can mean the world.  Christmas is about love, peace, understanding and most importantly, giving.

I close with these wonderful photographs which captured the essence of the pageant 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!

Photo collage courtesy of Ockert le Roux Photography



Photo courtesy of Limestone Coast Community News